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Since Christina Aguilera’s first onscreen appearance as a teenage pop singer, she has captivated hundreds of admirers around the world.  And now that she’s a grownup lady, she did not disappoint everyone and blossomed into one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous actresses.  With these naked images of Christina Aguliera included in this post, you can see that indeed she’s not a teenager anymore but she still looks as fresh as when she was younger.  I believe she looks better today now that she’s more mature and experienced.
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She definitely looks delicious posing without clothes on, huh?  Expect no less from this gorgeous singer-actress.  And she has the most seductive voice I’ve ever heard!  Among Hollywood celebrities, she speaks like she wants to eat you.  Although soft-spoken, she nevertheless conveys sensuality whenever she speaks.  Add to that her beautiful dark hair, smooth and creamy skin, beautiful voluptuous body, and her gorgeous dark eyes – man, this celeb’s a definite turn-on! Check out our enormous collection of hot Christina Aguilera naked photos.
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Christina Aguilera Dildo-Fucking For The Cameras

Can’t wait for Christina Aguilera‘s new album!  We can’t either, and we’re absolutely awed by the lineup of producers this album has, which include Sia, M.I.A., Santigold, Goldfrapp, Le Tigre, Linda Perry and Ladytron  among others.  Now that’s a suave, fashionable mix of aural talent right there!  It’s going to be called Bionic and it should come out in June of this year.  But boy, recording this album must have been a strain for this sexy singer because we’ve heard reports that she’s been dildo-fucking herself like crazy!  And yes, we’ve got those luscious Christina Aguilera Porn Pictures right here!

Obviously she’s under a lot of pressure, which is why she’s spending an inordinate amount of time humping some really big sextoys!  I mean normal people don’t spend that much time playing with themselves, so this album is probably a big deal.  I mean she just released a Greatest Hits package two years ago, to celebrate her past 10 years in the biz, and now here she is on her second decade as one of America’s best singers.  But I guess all that masturbating relieves the stress and she should be able to give us the best work of her career!

She’s even got a special guest on her masturbation sessions, with fellow pop star and companion in the girl-singer pop invasion of 1999 Mandy Moore getting naked and enjoying herself while Christina humps what looks like an upended drinking glass!  I wonder if Mandy’s going to guest on the album too or is she just involved in Christina’s sexual escapades?  Well, whatever’s going on, we still think Christina Aguilera is the bomb, and we can’t wait for her new album to come out, as well as more hardcore pics backstage!  You can click here if you want to see more of the Christina Aguilera Porn Pictures


Christina Aguilera Porn Pictures

Christina Aguilera is definitely sugar and spice and everything very nice… she wowed us eight years ago when she broke into the music scene with her very first hit single “Genie in the Bottle” as she went head-to-head with her counterpart Britney Spears for the title of Pop Princess. But as years passed, Christina became more mature and so she decided to trade her sweet, bubble gum girl image to a more daring and sexy babe when she came out with her album “Stripped” and we all saw the naughty side of her. But what can be more interesting to know is that we here have a collection of Christina Aguilera’s hottest porn pictures that you might want to see and we got it all here, fresh hot off the Internet grill as we present to you Christina Aguilera Porn Pictures.

Get to see the pop princess strip herself down naked to the hilt while she spreads her legs and opens her mouth to have it stuff with an array of eager and throbbing cocks fucking the shit out of her until she gets her fill of hot, streaming cum flowing down her throat! Now would it be great to have all of those steamy porn pictures of her right in front of your PCs as you  whip out your pricks and jerk them ‘til kingdom come? So do yourself a favour and release this sex genie from her bottle by clicking here and have a blast with our kinky pictures of Christina only at Christina Aguilera Porn Pictures.


Christina’s Amazing Breasts on “Ellen”

Even Christina Aguilera is “amazed” by the growth of her ever-expanding breasts. She was shocked at how much weight she gained during her pregnancy but was absolutely delighted at the part of the weight that came from her boobs. At least that’s what she told talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, whose first words to Christina when she appeared on Ellen’s show recently were “You look great. Are you nursing?”

Aguilera blushed and and responded “I guess it’s a little obvious,” and DeGeneres’ quick comeback was “It’s going to be a healthy baby boy.” Well, we’re just glad that the visit of Aguilera and her luscious titties to “Ellen” made the host such a happy lesbian, along with the thousands of guys now downloading screencaps from that episode.


Christina Aguilera Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Award-wining singer Christina Aguilera has given birth to a baby boy.

The pop music superstar and her music executive husband Jordan Bratman have named their first child Max Liron Bratman. Max came into the world at 10:05pm on a Saturday night, December 1, 2008.

Max was a healthy baby, weighing in at 6lbs., 2 oz., and was born reportedly via Caesarean section at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

A representative of Aguilera’s confirmed the news on Saturday with a statement saying “Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are proud to announce the birth of their son Max Liron Bratman. He is a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Mother is resting and doing well.”

Aguilera also decorated her official website with blue balloons and wrote a message there to her fans, stating “Today is a very joyful and special day for Jordan and I as we welcome our first son into this world.”

Aguilera also put together a special video for the song “Save Me From Myself” from the “Back To basics” album on this site, which included actual footage from their personal wedding video.

“Just a little something to say ‘thank you’ for your undying love and support,” she continued. “It is in no small part because of you that I live such a blessed and wonderful life!”


A Pregnant Christina Aguilera On The Cover of Marie Claire

Christina Aguilera has recently posed nude for Marie Claire magazine, right in the middle of her pregnancy. This award-winning pop star is due to give birth next year to her and her husband Jordan Bratman’s first child.

She appears on the cover of the magazine in a cut-off leather jacket to cover the parts that can’t be shown, while on the inside of the magazine all she’s got on are a sexy pair of heels from Christian Laboutin.

The accompanying interview reveals that she found out she was expecting during her “Back To Basics” tour. “We were planning on starting to try after the tour,” she said. “And so, I had gone off the contraception pill to prepare my body, because I didn’t know how much time it would take.”

Aguilera also told the interviewer how she was so paranoid about hurting her unborn baby during the tour she that she decided to wear a heart monitor, just to keep an eye on her health.

“I didn’t want to tell anybody because I didn’t want to make the audience uncomfortable, like, ‘Pregnant lady onstage! Is she going to be OK?’ But I had to announce it to my band and my dancers – because I wanted to make sure they had my back.”