Oh yeah, Christina Aguilera is definitely one singer I’d love to see naked and holding my microphone! Forget that she’s married (unless that kind of thing turns you on), catching this hot Latina-flavored cutie without any clothes on is a fantasy worthy of any red-blooded celebrity hound out there. Like her album tells us, “Stripped” is how she wants to express herself to the world, and being “Dirrty” is part of her, so enjoy yourself with the views of her sweet, tight body that we have here.

Christina revealed to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show that she and her husband like to enjoy what they call “naked Sundays”, and if that isn’t incentive enough to give thanks on the Sabbath, I don’t know what is. Although with Christina around, I’d be enjoying “naked everydays” instead, which just shows how much of a pussy her hubby is. With the ample breast expansion she’s got going on now after the baby, I don’t know how he can resist getting his hands on those ta-tas for more than a minute.

Chiristina Aguilera nude is just too “Beautiful” a vision for some, but we enjoy it whenever we can. Especially when we think of her naked with another girl, shades of her performance with Madonna and Britney at the MTV Video Music Awards. Now that’s an image we’d really like to take to the next level!